Range of Features – Swiftic Review

First, let’s talk plans. Swiftic offers all of one plan in 3 pricing variations. You pay per app (but if you need more than one, a discount system is available.) A monthly subscription will cost you $57 a month, paid yearly it drops to $48 per month. Paid every two years, it falls a bit lower to $41 each month.

The good news about there only being a single plan is that everyone gets access to every feature and every customer support option from day one. Better, businesses with limited budgets don’t have to pay for more than they need while potential resellers can scale the number of plans they buy as they acquire the clients required to finance them.

right One Native App Compatible with Android and iOS Phones and Tablets

right Unlimited Email Support

right Publication and Success Assistance

right Top of the Line Loyalty Features

right In-Depth Analytics

right Modern, Responsive Templates and Designs

right A Simple Editor

right E-commerce and E-Shop Functions

right Location-Based Page Generation

Once you do subscribe, you have 30 days to decide if you want to keep using the platform or if you would rather request a refund and move on. If you happen to be a small business looking to expand with the help of mobile technology, you’re much more likely to stick with Swiftic.

There are few limits: you can have as many users as you would like, you can register your app to any major app store, unlimited push notifications, no hidden fees of any kind. There is a single price per app developed, no more and no less.

White Label – Swiftic Review

For resellers, here called “Partners,” Swiftic’s plans and features are perfect for your purposes at any scale. Unlike other app builders, Swiftic believes that the business using and promoting the app should be the only branding a customer sees. As such, there are no “white label” plans- all plans are white label compatible. Further, once you start building your third app, you become eligible for discounts. As you build more, those discounts and perks increase.

Customer Support – Swiftic Review

Not sure how to get started? Can’t figure out which loyalty features are right for your business? Want to set up your app so that it shows information about the location nearest to your potential customer? Swiftic’s support team is here to help. Though their support options are almost entirely email-based, the messages that you receive will be thorough and responsive to all of your questions.

Since all of their plans are the same, every single user will receive equal levels of support and as much as they need. If you would rather look things up by yourself, there are resources for that, too. They have a number of tutorials and can even automatically set up an app based on your company’s existing website or Facebook page to get you started.

Ease of Use – Swiftic Review

Swiftic is easy. They offer just the right functions for small businesses and present them in an easy to set up manner. Much of the process is done automatically behind the scenes, sometimes in conjunction with other platforms like OrderIn, OpenTable, and Paypal.

If you need a working app fast, Swiftic can provide that. Their support options make growing from your initial build easy, too. In fact, if you aren’t sure where to go, the experts at Swiftic can even suggest growth options relevant to your business.

Bottom line for our Swiftic Review

Swiftic earns a solid 17/20. Few things would make this platform better. For any small business looking for a manageable way to build a professional app with a good chance of increasing their business, Swiftic is worth a shot.

The only downside is that you may outgrow it eventually. If at some point you require an app that handles more complex or custom-tailored functions then Swiftic may not be able to accommodate you. However, these features are beyond the scope of what many businesses will encounter. In any case, at the rate Swiftic is growing that may not be true in another year or two from this writing.