Range of Features – ShoutEm Review

ShoutEm has an extensive repertoire of features, which means, as an app builder, it is capable of serving a lot of different types of businesses with varying objectives and needs for their apps. This means it can give a client all the features they look for in their app and then some.

right Push notifications

right GPS Coupons

right Membership subscriptions

right Email Contact

right Integration with major video streaming sites like Vimeo, YouTube and others

right Integration with app-based picture/video sharing platforms like Instagram, Flickr, Picassa and others

The service excels at location based features (GPS coupons, directions, etc.). It allows you to create customizable local categories, where locations can be tagged with a description or other information unique to that store/building. Alternatively, you could use these location listings as an event schedule, which is a heavily favored feature among musicians, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations and other businesses that have many scheduled events each month.

ShoutEm also gets a gold star for their extensive list of multimedia tools. Want to connect a SoundCloud account to stream music through an app? No problem. Want users to be able to listen to a weekly podcast right on the app? Got it.

right Loyalty programs

right Live content updates

right Unlimited push notifications

right Appointment scheduling and reservations

right 3rd party integrations

right Multimedia capabilities include:

right Photo galleries

right Radio / podcast streaming

right SoundCloud integration

right Internal audio

The only type of multimedia that ShoutEm currently lacks is live video.

White Label – ShoutEm Review

Despite all of these great features, if you don’t buy into ShoutEm’s Advanced or Pro packages, then your access to these features may be limited. Additionally, only the Pro Plan allows you to create unlimited apps; the other plans limit the number of users.

Here’s a quick breakdown of these plans.

  • Basic: $22.90/mo or $238.80/yr; allows for 2000 apps and only some features
  • Advanced: $69.90/mo or $718.80/yr; allows for 5000 users and every feature
  • Pro: $139.90/mo or $1,438.80/yr; unlimited users and every feature

If you are working on a small budget and don’t want to spring for the more expensive Advanced or Pro packages, then be sure to carefully compare the limited offerings of the Basic plan against the features that your clients are looking for. While you may not want to spend the extra money, it may be necessary to delivering the best mobile apps, even if you don’t need the additional users.

Customer Support – ShoutEm Review

On the surface, ShoutEm offers basic customer service, in the form of a support email address where questions and complaints can be sent to. However, they lack any live chat or phone support, so receiving an answer is a matter of waiting to hear back via email. With pressing issues, this can be a frustrating practice. Also, the company can also be reached through social media channels, and they have some support articles available.

Going deeper, ShoutEm utilizes Flurry.com as an analytics tool that provides another layer of support. Some of the most common questions posed by app builders are things like ‘How is the app being used?’ ‘Who is using the app?’ and others. This analytics tool can answer those and other questions, which helps better target key audiences and understand how to run and build apps more efficiently.

Ease of Use – ShoutEm Review

As far as app builders go, ShoutEm is very intuitive and straightforward to use, while simultaneously offering more complex and sophisticated options for app developers with a greater depth of knowledge. If you want to delve into the code for greater customization, then that is an option. Otherwise, building an app is just a matter of choosing layouts, color options, adding features and so on.

ShoutEm also allows easy integration with a business’s existing channels, instead of forcing you to use theirs. For example, if the client already uses MailChimp for their monthly newsletter, they don’t have to convert to using ShoutEm’s built-in newsletter option, they can just connect their MailChimp account. Not every third party service is going to able to be integrated with this app builder, but ShoutEm has gone above and beyond to target the most popular and widely used ones.

Bottom line for our ShoutEm Review

ShoutEm is a very useful and easy to use tool for creating and developing mobile apps. With its wide range of features, easy integration with traditional services and platforms and analytics tools, it is more than capable of not just producing robust, high-quality mobile apps for clients, but also managing and improving those apps over time.