Range of Features – Mobile Roadie Review

The sad thing is, despite having a host of features they lack a few of the most important and powerful. Further, the features they do offer aren’t easy to implement as the builder is clunky and un-intuitive, especially when viewed alongside some similarly-priced competitors.

It might be strange to hear that especially after browsing the extensive list of high profile entertainers and businesses using the Mobile Roadie service. The thing is, this is a builder that specifically caters to brands with deep pockets that demand special attention and can afford “extra” services.

You can see on the features page that for $49/mo you can get an app that does the most basic things- but not everything you need. You’ll get:

right Basic Analytics

right Photo Albums

right Unlimited Push Notifications

right News, Audio, and Video Modules

right Some Integration Features (With Social Media, Etc.)

right Link Your App to Select Social Media Services or Your RSS Feed

right Use A Very Limited Images, Icons, and Font Library

right Create an In-App Chatroom

E-commerce features cost extra. Maintenance and updates cost extra. If you have the money you might be able to get everything you need to make a decent app- but you’ll have to have an in-depth discussion with their marketing team to figure out your monthly price. If you’re thinking about a white label opportunity, don’t expect any real discounts.

White Label – Mobile Roadie Review

The “white label” version of the Mobile Roadie platform is variable. Each plan is negotiated separately with different features and options, so it’s hard to nail down price and feature specifics. When everything is gated, it might be difficult to see how you and your app business could scale- nothing is up front, and everything seems to cost more than it should.

However, it’s not impossible. Mobile Roadie wants you to succeed because they want to succeed. With enough persistence on your part, it may be possible to use their app builder for white label services and turn a profit. However, it won’t be as easy as it would be with another service- one that is well thought out with plenty of features and offers transparent pricing.

Customer Support – Mobile Roadie Review

The marketing team is always there to sell you another feature or plan upgrade. Getting to talk to a person is easy- the downside is that even if you already have a subscription, it seems like they’re always selling rather than providing you with real answers.

Legitimate tech help is a lot harder to get to. It also costs more. If you happen to be on the phone with any of Mobile Roadie’s technical support people, it won’t do you any harm to make sure they’re not billing you for their time.

If you’re looking for an app builder with in-depth tutorials or documentation, you should skip this one. There are very few resources, and the “community” is virtually non-existent.

Ease of Use – Mobile Roadie Review

You can have everything done for you if you’re willing to pay for it. In that way, Mobile Roadie doesn’t get any easier. If on the other hand, you happen to have a budget and are looking for a way to make an app that you will be able to maintain yourself, you might find Mobile Roadie’s builder more trouble than it’s worth.

When you need help- dealing with a builder this finicky means, you’ll get stuck somewhere along the line- it’s tough to deal with a team of people that have the compulsion to keep trying to sell you more features. You want to learn to use what you’ve got, but they insist the other thing will be better, or easier or is the real widget you need for the thing you have been trying to get to work. It’s exhausting- that lack of empathy with their customers deserves, at the very least, the deduction of one star.

Bottom Line for our Mobile Roadie Review

Mobile Roadie Review Summary: started out with potential. They could have gone on to develop the world’s best app builder for musicians and artists. Then they changed direction- they decided to go after the entire app builder market. Now it’s unclear where their focus lies, but it’s easy to see that their lack of direction has let them fall behind.

If you look at their basic packages, what they offer is truly basic. The builder itself is middling, and the recent price cuts (and price removal) suggest that maybe the Mobile Roadie team is starting to realize that, too.