Range of Features – iBuildApp Review

You get a decent range of built-in features with iBuildApp. Even with the least expensive plan you can:

  • Set Up a Shopping Cart
  • Create a Loyalty Program
  • Integrate Social Media
  • Create Custom Forms
  • Send Out Push Notifications
  • View Platform Analytics
  • Publish iOS and Android Versions (does not support other systems or devices)

However, iBuildApps has a few significant limitations. Their built-in templates are clunky and hard to use. Any images provided by the builder usually end up looking pixelated on actual devices. The preview feature doesn’t show the app as it would look on a modern smartphone either. Layouts do not always scale and may end up looking disproportionate or breaking altogether.

Then, you have to decide how many customers you want to have. With the “Professional” plan at $23.40 per month, you are only allowed to have 500 total app downloads. Upgrade to the “Business” plan at $59.40/mo, and you get upgraded to unlimited.  Very few competing builders limit the number of downloads you can have.

White Label – iBuildApp Review

At $249/mo for ten apps (or $395, depending on which of their pricing pages you are looking at) or $449/mo for 30 (unless you are thinking of going with their $20,000/yr enterprise solution) you get access to everything the higher tier single-app plan offers plus:

  • Monetization Tools
  • A Personalized Website
  • 24/5 Phone Support

It’s a decent program, but it promises a lot more than you might be able to take advantage of. Many customers have found that, even with the more expensive plans, features can break and support can be slow to deal with the issues. Further, many of the additional features promoted as exclusive to the White Label program are also labeled as standard features all around (push and GPS notifications, the ability to customize templates, etc.).

Customer Support – iBuildApp Review

Out of all the app builders out there, Good Barber does customer service right by providing not just a place to email but plenty of resources for their clients to go through. Further, they offer support in a number of different languages including Spanish, French and Italian.

Speaking of languages- this is where a few stars were docked. The problem is, lots of support questions are just easier to deal with over the phone in real time. Though the email support they offer is excellent regarding clarity- it’s still just email, and that means time spent between steps and time until any additional questions are answered. The online resources and community help make up the gap, but a live customer service option would be ideal.

Ease of Use – iBuildApp Review

Putting an app together is easy with a drag and drop builder but setting up the features in this one can lead to frustration.

In tests, the builder performed poorly, as it has done for every other recent reviewer. Not only is it less intuitive than expected, but the “preview” it offers is also inaccurate in many cases. Then you have to add in the fact that every image and graphic in the layout has to be supplied and sized- that might not seem like a big deal but it’s a major inconvenience when you have experienced a more powerful app builder (that usually costs the same or less.)

Bottom Line for our iBuildApp Review

iBuildApp might not be a bad choice if they made what they offer clear and cohesive across their websites.  With so much conflicting information, it makes it hard to see how this business could support another long term.

If you are looking to make an app for a very limited audience with basic features, then iBuildApp could work for you. In most cases, it would be a better idea to seek another builder that doesn’t actively limit your growth and costs about the same.