Range of Features – GoodBarber Review

GoodBarber does cater to nearly any type of business. Their list of standard and optional features is a long one, and you’re sure to find exactly what you need in one form or another. They offer a 30-day trial and 30 days to ask for a refund after service begins if you decide to discontinue your subscription for any reason.

They offer three basic plans:

  • Standard – $16/mo billed annually or $20/mo otherwise
  • Full – $32/mo billed annually or $40/mo otherwise
  • Advanced – $48/mo billed annually or $60/mo otherwise

It’s easy to upgrade to a larger plan as needed (downgrades can be tricky as it can invalidate some features.)

All programs support iPhone and Android native apps and use HTML5 for all other devices (the Advanced plan also offers native iPad support.) The Standard plan is essentially the “light” version with a lot of missing or pared back features. The Full and Advanced plans are very similar to the advanced version containing additional marketing and targeting features.

White Label – GoodBarber Review

GoodBarber’s white label program has everything you would expect, but it doesn’t go above and beyond. They offer all of the features found in their standard, full and advanced app plans as well as additional features just for resellers. You will also get a dedicated support line and access to advanced development options.

Resellers are also given an exclusive interface specifically designed to help manage all of their apps easily and efficiently. You clients will have access to every feature GoodBarber has to offer as well as any custom features your team develops.

Customer Support – GoodBarber Review

Out of all the app builders out there, GoodBarber does customer service right by providing not just a place to email but plenty of resources for their clients to go through. Further, they offer support in a number of different languages including Spanish, French and Italian.

Speaking of languages- this is where a few stars were docked. The problem is, lots of support questions are just easier to deal with over the phone in real time. Though the email support they offer is excellent regarding clarity- it’s still just email, and that means time spent between steps and time until any additional questions are answered. The online resources and community help make up the gap, but a live customer service option would be ideal.

Ease of Use – GoodBarber Review

The builder is fairly easy to use though some features are for the technically inclined or those with a developer on their teams. If you happen just to need a great app for your business but aren’t invested in getting too technical, they have plenty of templates and quick to set up features.

If you are looking to resell or go more in-depth, then you will find additional layers of functionality- as well as complexity. The builder adapts to your level, paring back for those that want a streamlined experience while allowing those who want to dig a bit deeper to do so.

Keep in mind that the testing options may leave a little to be desired as no emulation or live examples are included. That means if you want to test on an iPhone you need an iPhone- same thing for tablets, other smartphones, and iPads.

Bottom Line for our GoodBarber Review

All in all this builder does offer something for everyone. Whether you are a small business in need of a professional, fully-featured native app or a potential reseller, GoodBarber has you covered. Even with their lack of live support options the active community will be there for you from your initial trial to subscription, eventual app completion, and publishing.

The builder itself is a solid product that provides plenty of features while also allowing you to add more (if you want to.) Then again, there are similar options out there that do the same things while providing stellar customer support.