Range of Features – COMO Review

Como DIY only has a reasonable variety of features, but what it does, it does well. This is where their Swiss Army Knife analogy comes a little too true. While a Swiss Army Knife is a great tool to have when it comes to doing quick repairs and fixing small things here and there, you can’t build a house with one.

Como DIY will get you a fully functional and useful app, but it won’t have as many bells and whistles as others. The most noticeable things missing are a lack of location-based services (LBS) and ad support. Of course not every business will need these, but those who may make use of those features, this could be the deal breaker.

right Push Notifications

right RSS Feed Options

right Social Media Integration

right Loyalty Features

right iPad Support

right 6 Language Interface

right HTML 5, Once Paid Subscription is Activated

One particular high point is their Customer Loyalty Feature. It offers the most popular tools like coupons, loyalty cards, and virtual scratch cards. Users can also enroll their clients into a frequent buyer’s club that has dedicated features built in that allow for things like giveaways, prizes, and exclusive discounts. This feature goes a long way in helping to push up customer retention and is one reason for the app maker’s popularity. Another major strength is that Como DIY offers iPad support built in, which is usually a premium option on other platforms.

White Label – COMO Review

There is only one plan with Como DIY, and it’s fairly reasonable – especially when you consider that this also includes native iPad support. It’s clear and straightforward. A client knows that they will have every tool at their disposal, and won’t suddenly find that some feature or service they didn’t know they needed is only available with another plan. The lack of surprises makes budgeting easier. The payment rates can go monthly, yearly, and bi-yearly. The longer you sign up, the less it costs. Going month by month will cost $1,368 over two years, but going for the two-year option lowers the total cost to $984. That is some significant savings.

Users are not charged until they are ready for an app to go live. This means that they can start working on it for free and take their time. This is a great option for small business owners with a limited amount of time for a project like this. It’s also a good way to take their service and app for a test drive before paying for a subscription.

Customer Support – COMO Review

Users of Como DIY will have access to a sizable library of how-to videos, and well-written and clear tutorials. The only real negative is that it can take the Como DIY support team a little longer than other app making services to field questions. It isn’t an unreasonably long time, but it’s noticeable when compared to others.

Their support is quite knowledgeable, though. Como DIY’s focus on serving small businesses shines here. They possess an understanding of what small business owners do and contend with on a daily basis, and they know how to help their clients meet these challenges.

Ease of Use – COMO Review

One thing about Como DIY is that it is easy to use. Pick your template, select your features, and fiddle with them until you’re happy. The worst that can be said is that users will have to scroll through their features a lot while building the app, but it’s at worst a small complaint. It’s still easy, but a tad repetitive.

This ease of use comes at a price. The number of templates is limited and can look a little dated. Most options are limited to color schemes, and that’s about it. There is also relatively little a user can do, when it comes to customization.

Bottom Line for our COMO Review

Como DIY is one of the most viable app building solutions on the market today.  But a lot of its popularity comes as a result of great marketing.   If you are looking for a DIY app building platform that is geared for building apps for small businesses, Como is certainly worth exploring.  Just be sure that you closely look at its range of features.

Also, if you are looking for a white label solution, make sure you check out the competitors.  Some of the competitors have a much more robust approach to training resellers and for customer support.

The bottom-line for Como; it’s a great app build, with an average range of features and an average white label solution.