Range of Features – BuildFire Review

BuildFire’s drag and drop app builder offers some features that boost sales, engage users, improve customer loyalty and much more. This array of tools and features allow almost any business to leverage their mobile app creation in ways that greatly benefit their organization and its current objectives.

right Targeted push notifications

right SMARTSync

right In-app social networks

right Mobile e-commerce

right Loyalty programs

right Contact cards

right RSS reader

right Event Calendars

right Source code editor

right Multimedia integration

One of the more exciting features of this list is BuildFire’s willingness to allow users to have access to and edit the source code of their mobile apps. This allows for an unlimited number of possibilities, as long as you have the expertise to code additional features and functions. If you don’t have a mobile pro on hand to help your apps achieve these endless customization offers, BuildFire claims that their mobile development team is available to help you to generate any custom function that you desire.

The wide range of multimedia tools that BuildFire apps are capable of integrating is also a big plus. However, the list is a lot shorter than some of the other app builders, which means you may not be able to integrate everything you want to. Nothing is worse than creating a mobile app and realizing that your existing loyalty program or other function cannot be integrated.

White Label – BuildFire Review

BuildFire markets itself as “the most powerful app building platform available.” Its white label apps have a lot of enticing perks, such as the ability to create custom plugins, preview apps to clients before they are officially published, easy submissions to the App Store and more. They also offer some additional resources that would be very useful for a mobile app resellers, such as the White Label Revenue Calculator and their blog, which is a wealth of information about everything mobile.

Additionally, BuildFire has tons of templates available for a variety of different businesses and organizations. Whether you are reselling mobile apps to churches, restaurants, nonprofits, schools or other groups, there are specialized templates available. The one downside to this is that the templates for your average small business that doesn’t fall into one of these categories tend to be rather bland and generic.

Overall, their white label program is priced competitively and has a lot of features. However, the often basic nature of their templates and initial features means you need to partner with someone that has coding experience to give the apps that added a level of flair and customization.

Customer Support – BuildFire Review

While BuildFire’s guides and marketing materials regarding their reseller program and app builder are very helpful, the company lacks the manpower and structure to offer that superb customer support that many consumers desire. The small size of the company limits the amount of specialized customer care they can dispatch on a single person’s problem. Furthermore, their customer support line isn’t available 24/7. If you are having an app crisis on the weekend, it could be a day or more before you can get in contact with someone.

Despite these obvious flaws, when you do receive support from BuildFire, it is often quite good. Their team knows their stuff and how to troubleshoot problems effectively and efficiently effectively. Also, their BuildFire University has some how-to articles and guides that can help answer your issues, while you are waiting to hear back from their tech support.

Ease of Use – BuildFire Review

BuildFire’s flexibility between dragging and dropping features or allowing you to dive into the code and add layers of deeper customization and functionality is arguably a detriment to the app builder’s ease of use. The drag and drop method is incredibly easy and simplistic, but it also limits the user’s options when designing the app. BuildFire’s mentality is seemingly that to create the best apps with their builder, you need to have the ability to code, which seems rather counterintuitive to a DIY app builder.

It’s almost like the one option is too easy and basic, while the other is way too complex. There is seemingly very little middle ground. That said, BuildFire’s platform is an incredibly nice first start for an early app building beginner. While the apps might lack the high-quality features of other builders, BuildFire’s super ease of use means practically anyone can begin building an app with little or no prior knowledge.

Bottom Line for our BuildFire Review

If you are looking for a very easy to use, beginner app builder that has an affordable price point, Build Fire is a good option. Their apps and white label program have a lot of useful features for creating and reselling mobile apps. The main drawbacks to BuildFire are its small team (and thereby limited customer support) and the overall quality of their apps. The mobile apps they offer are not real native apps and can sometimes run slow when overloaded with too many features.