Range of Features – Bizness Apps Review

If you need it, Bizness Apps has it. Regardless of your niche, Bizness apps has the necessary features available for you to create the ideal app for your business. The company has literally covered anything a mobile customer would need, and much more.

right One touch dialing

right Directions

right e-commerce

right Events booking

right Loyalty rewards

right Push notifications

right GPS Coupons

right Membership subscriptions

right Email Contact

Many of these features can be easily integrated with what you are already using. For example, you can easily integrate existing e-Commerce stores from Shopify and Magento. Events can be managed simultaneously with Google Calendar, Eventbrite, or Facebook. If you would rather manage all of your online store and your events from the CMS that Bizness Apps provides, you have that option as well.

If you are unsure about what Bizness Apps has to offer, you can explore the platform free of charge.  That’s right.  If you want time to play around and see if it’s the right DIY app builder for you, the company is more than willing to oblige. Anytime a company offers you a free trial, you know it’s confident in what it has to offer.  The same can be said with Bizness Apps.  Try for yourself and see.

Bizness Apps is affordably priced regardless of what aspect of the company you plan to use.  For a single app, you pay $42/month.  What you get for that $42/month is more that most competitors offer:

right Loyalty programs

right Live content updates

right Unlimited push notifications

right Appointment scheduling and reservations

right 3rd party integrations

right 24/7 customer support

right Mobile commerce

right Analytics

right Automated app store submission

White Label – Bizness Apps Review

What really sets Bizness Apps apart from the competition is its white label program.  Unlike many of its competitors, Bizness Apps gives resellers the option to build both native apps and mobile web apps.  Most companies spin their sales and only offer mobile web apps at the entry level reselling program.  Not Bizness Apps.  It gives resellers all the latest and greatest in app technology right out of the gate.

Resellers simply use the app building program provided to them by Bizness Apps, and then they can market apps in their own vertical using all of Bizness App’s premade marketing materials. The company literally provides any type of marketing materials you can think of, but it also goes one step further.  Resellers are given a one-on-one dedicated success partner who guides them through every facet of the app industry—from signing up for the program to managing recurring billing.  There’s nothing that Bizness Apps has overlooked for its resellers.

right A one-on-one consultant

right A branded CMS for clients to manage their own apps

right A wealth of marketing tools

right Publishing services for iOS and Android

The best part about Bizness Apps’ reseller program is it is affordably priced—especially since you have someone from Bizness Apps guiding you through your reselling journey. For a fee of $250/month, resellers get:

right 24/7 support

right Lead generation tools

right Sales training

right 100% white label app builder

right Complete brand control

right Limitless sales and marketing materials

right A dedicated success partner

right Video tutorials

right Automated app store submission

right Demo app program

Customer Support – Bizness Apps Review

Bizness Apps has an in-house customer service team that is top notch.  If the tier one representative cannot walk you through an issue via phone or email support, their development team can easily get to the root of any issues you may come across.

Bizness Apps is the only company that we’ve reviewed that has earned a #1 ranking by Nicereply for its ability to keep customers happy.  Ask any existing customers about his or her communication with the staff at Bizness Apps, and you will quickly learn that the company stands behind its customer satisfaction promise.

Bizness Apps wants to continually improve its platform so that it can stay ahead of the next change in technology.  The management at Bizness Apps knows that it has clients to service, and it cannot do so without staying on the cutting edge.  It also understands that customer needs and wants is one way to do this, so they are always open to what their customers have to say.

The bottom line when it comes to customer service is this, the company is packed with integrity and honesty, and the staff is literally waiting and excited to help anyone who reaches out.

Ease of Use – Bizness Apps Review

Simplifying something as complicated as developing an app speaks for itself.  But, when a company can make it easy for even the most novice user, it earns 5 stars.  This is exactly what Bizness Apps has done.

The layout platform makes it easy for anyone, despite technological ability, to create an app.  By simply clicking the add feature button, users can choose a feature to add to their app, and then they customize the functions of the feature as well as the look.

Function is not the only thing that goes into developing an app. Design is crucial as well. And, Bizness Apps has you covered for design as well. The company offers users a vast library of templates to choose from. They look professional, and they cater to quite a few niches including: restaurants, e-commerce, golf courses, night clubs, and non-profits. And this is just the start of the list. If you are not keen on the templates, they also offer a design service for a small fee.

Bottom line for our Bizness Apps Review

Bizness Apps is a company with a great app building platform, but it goes beyond “doing” something for its clients.  Bizness Apps is genuinely a company that believes in working to help its clients grow as business owners.  From tutorial videos for building and marketing apps to premade marketing materials ready to be branded and used, Bizness Apps’ focus on helping its customers gain success is unrivaled.

Be it an individual app that you need to create for your own small business or an app development company you are looking to grow, Bizness Apps tops the charts.