Range of Features – Appy Pie Review

Appy Pies range of features doesn’t change much from plan-to-plan. What you start out with as a free user is nearly the same stuff you will have available to you on a Basic or Gold plan.

right Loyalty Programs

right Contact Boxes

right Menus

right Shopping Carts

right Photo Gallery

right Calendars

The paid version (Basic and Gold) also lets you use ads within your app to make money, list your app in their marketplace, and use Google Analytics with your app.

Unlike many of their competitors, Appy Pie caps the number of push notifications their users can send out. They also have strange restrictions- Free plans support Apple products while Basic programs may not. Then there are the add-ons you have to pay for in addition to your apps. These add-ons can cost 2-3x as much as your plan each month and only add essential features (like unlimited push notifications and app store publishing) that other app builders include for free.

White Label – Appy Pie Review

The white label program at Appy Pie consists of many different levels of programs. You can start off at $100/month for 10 apps or go all the way up to $400/month for 100 apps. The only downside to this is when I went to ask questions to clarify the pricing and if I could upgrade after a certain point I never really got a clear answer. Also, I was not really clear on what came with the programs.

From what I could tell Appy Pie seems to have reseller pricing that is really inline with most of the other better app builders in the market. Given the fact that their mobile apps are not native based, I can understand the low pricing, so it appears there strategy here may be to offer quantity of apps of quality of apps with their pricing. This could be a good option if quality is not a huge concern for you as a reseller with Appy Pie.

Customer Support – Appy Pie Review

Appy Pie has several customer support options available once you sign up for a paid plan. Free users receive no support though you can ask to talk to the sales team if you have any fundamental questions. Though some of the sales people

Basic and Gold users receive live chat and email support. Platinum users also get access to phone support. The support personnel is friendly and patient, but there may, in some instances, be language barrier issues especially with the live chat feature. Technical assistance for higher tier plans is usually of better quality.

Ease of Use – Appy Pie Review

As a free user, the builder can be slow at times and from time to time the app previewer may show nothing more than a gray box or forget to save your changes. As a subscriber with a basic plan, things aren’t much better.

If you can get the app builder to work consistently, the rest of the process is fairly self-explanatory. The options and features are laid out in a clear, organized manner, and it’s usually obvious what each option changes.

For Gold and Platinum users, having the advanced support options can be invaluable. If you (or the builder) gets stuck, you can have one of the support personal walk you through a fix or have them do it for you. That helps eliminate a lot of frustration over time.

Bottom line for our Appy Pie Review

All things considered, Appy Pie is a middle of the road builder with a strange pricing structure often leading you to overpay for the same features you could get elsewhere for less (especially with their white label program.)

Appy Pie’s support options, in particular on the Gold plan, help justify the cost somewhat. Not even the extra hand—holding can wholly make up for the fact that they count push notifications and have a builder that just doesn’t work a good portion of the time.

If you choose to work with Appy Pie, make sure you get all of your questions answered up front and keep your records. The fine print and complex pricing structure can be confusing (even to some of their sales people), but if anything goes wrong or not as you expected, Appy Pie offers a 30-day money back guarantee with no questions asked.