Range of Features – AppMakr Review

AppMakr is capable of making simple mobile websites and apps. For our AppMakr review, the builder itself is somewhat self-explanatory—what you see is what you get. However, the interface isn’t as clean as those of app builders higher up on the list. Testing isn’t easy either. Unlike better builders, AppMakr has no preview tools, so you can’t see how your app will look on different devices.

The AppMakr software allows you to create and publish a mobile website for free. If you choose to go this route, don’t expect any tutorials or support—none is offered.

If you would rather make an app, choosing the basic $1/mo. plan allows you to:

right Make a Mobile Website

right Publish Native iPhone and Android Apps

right Decide Whether or Not to Use Ads

right Access Email Support

right Keep AppMakr Branding

right Link Your App to Select Social Media Services or Your RSS Feed

right Use A Very Limited Images, Icons, and Font Library

right Create an In-App Chatroom

Upgrading to a $9/mo. “Pro” subscription allows you to remove Appmakr branding, gives you access to chat support, and lets you publish the app to major app marketplaces like Google Play. If you want to publish more than one app, the $39/mo plan allows you to do so.

White Label – AppMakr Review

The technology you get with the program may not be up to par, but the white label program itself is fine. Buying into the most expensive package gets you the source code for your apps, allows you to create and publish an unlimited number of them, and removes all AppMakr branding.

Beyond that, make sure your clients don’t want or need a feature that AppMakr just doesn’t have. It rarely gets updates—despite a few common glitches like updates not updating and, for mobile sites, service cutting out. Those glitches can add up to a lot of lost time especially when paired with their less-than-stellar customer support.

Customer Support – AppMakr Review

Need some help with your app or have a few questions before you subscribe? Go ahead and call their number. Once you do, a robot will give you a 6-minute sales pitch and walk you through a menu or two. Then it will politely inform you that they do not have the resources to speak with you but you can try the “Live Chat” feature located on the website. If you do, they may or may not respond.

In the meantime, you could check their limited FAQ or resources sections. A few support pages reference a forum, but it seems to have since vanished. AppMakr’s YouTube channel has a few video tutorials that can give you an overview of the process but they leave out quite a few details.

Ease of Use – AppMakr Review

AppMakr uses a fairly simple drag-and-drop editor. It doesn’t look elegant but it gets the job done. With enough time spent trying different things, it’s entirely possible to end up with a very basic, functional mobile site and app. It doesn’t offer many “preview” options so testing your build on certain devices will be up to you.

Bottom Line for our AppMakr Review

AppMakr Review Summary: Clunky design, minimal support, few features. It may be inexpensive, but no matter what plan you pick, AppMakr is lacking. It looks and feels like it hasn’t been updated since 2010. Just by looking at their website, it’s plain to see that they don’t really care about their customers or their product.

The original AppMakr team may have done better, but it seems like Infinite Monkeys picked it up and haven’t done a thing to improve it since.

If you are looking for an app that looks professional- this isn’t how you get it. Our AppMakr review really wasn’t impressive. Even if you use all of your own, custom images the lack of varied layouts and any type of design options will make your app feel old. With all of the app-making options out there, do you really want to pick the one that can’t be bothered to pick up the phone or create a decent tutorial?