Range of Features – Appery.io Review

AppMakr is capable of making simple mobile websites and apps. For our AppMakr review, the builder itself is somewhat self-explanatory—what you see is what you get. However, the interface isn’t as clean as those of app builders higher up on the list. Testing isn’t easy either. Unlike better builders, AppMakr has no preview tools, so you can’t see how your app will look on different devices.

The AppMakr software allows you to create and publish a mobile website for free. If you choose to go this route, don’t expect any tutorials or support—none is offered.

If you would rather make an app, choosing the basic $1/mo. plan allows you to:

right Make a Mobile Website

right Publish Native iPhone and Android Apps

right Decide Whether or Not to Use Ads

right Access Email Support

right Keep AppMakr Branding

right Link Your App to Select Social Media Services or Your RSS Feed

right Use A Very Limited Images, Icons, and Font Library

right Create an In-App Chatroom

Upgrading to a $9/mo. “Pro” subscription allows you to remove Appmakr branding, gives you access to chat support, and lets you publish the app to major app marketplaces like Google Play. If you want to publish more than one app, the $39/mo plan allows you to do so.

White Label – Appery.io Review

With as much as Appery.io caters to its developer customer base, you would think that white label features would be somewhat standard. That, however, is far from the reality of the situation. To unlock white label functionality within Appery.io’s platform, you will need an “Enterprise” level subscription.

Given that the previous tier was well over double the first, it’s fair to guess that you would be paying at least $285/mo for an annual subscription though, as it says on their pricing page, that cost is variable.

Once you’ve negotiated terms, the white label program will behave similarly to the original Appery.io but without the branding. Qualifying for Enterprise status will also net you a few more immediate support options.

Customer Support – Appery.io Review

Appery.io’s customer support is responsive. However, due to the mixed messages their marketing team sends, the responses you get may be less helpful than you expect them to be. Speaking plainly, Appery.io tries to make itself look simpler than it is to appeal to a wider audience. The thing is, they don’t have the resources available to bring people with no in-depth coding knowledge up to speed.

In fact, those potential customers (small businesses and design-focused groups included), are better off looking at another tool. Why? Because Appery.io was built for developers working on complex problems without the need for much graphic design, let alone native integration or customer outreach.

So, they have decent customer support for their core group of users beyond their in-depth documentation and video series. Just don’t expect the kind of step-by-step help in simple terms that other builders might offer.

Ease of Use – Appery.io Review

In one word, Appery.io is complicated. It wasn’t truly designed to be simple. Before you even begin to use Appery, it would be a good idea to have at least a general familiarity with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and how to read a program’s documentation as well as the general patterns of application development.

This is not a tool for beginners. It is an intermediate to advanced tool with a heavy lean toward the latter. To work with Appery.io, you must be prepared to do a lot of the heavy lifting yourself. It offers unlimited customization in exchange for ease of use and graphic finesse.

For a serious app developer that wants to dig into the code and create custom content, it allows for rapid prototyping and helps pull projects together quickly. For those that prefer a more hands-off approach, or that don’t feel this level of complexity is necessary to create the apps they want to create- there are better tools.

Bottom Line for our Appery.io Review

Appery.io scores a 10/20. Its complexity will outweigh it’s usefulness to many aspiring app designers and developers. That complexity will offer an opportunity for those that are willing to devote enough time to it, or who have already decided that they must tinker with the code of every app they work on.

This is an app builder meant for teams and large businesses with complex needs. Appery.io’s best use is to deliver information or create form-based apps. Anything graphic design or UX intensive might be out of its league.